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Did You Know??


** favorite cologne is Givenchy Pi
** favorite brand name designer is Armani
** addicted to doing push-ups
** doesnt have many friends
** his sister katia claims he isnt very romantic
** he once threw a chair at his teacher for making fun of his madeiran accent**
** avoids fatty foods and only eats fish, pasta and white meat.
** very shy and rare ever goes out
** avoids busy places because he doesnt speak much english and i guess his too shy to talk to his fans
because of his lack of english
** he once ran over a cyclist with his BMW x5
** once pretended that his sister was his girlfriend to keep all the ladies away
** the most paid young player in british history, until Wayne Rooney got signed to Manchester United
** wears size 8 shoes
** received his diamond earrings from his mother
** the first portuguese ever to join Man Utd
** the youngest of 4 kids





**His second name (Ronaldo) is relatively rare in Portugal. His parents chose the name in honor of late US president Ronald Reagan, who was his father's favorite american president.

**During Euro 2004 in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo was voted the sexiest player on the Portuguese national team by PortugalGay - PT website visitors. Cristiano was followed in the list by Nuno Gomes and Pauleta.

**Ronaldo endorses Nike, Pepe Jeans and Suzuki cars (although he drives a silver Porsche), among other products.

**Ronaldo was named FIFPro Special Young Player of the Year 2005, the only award to be voted for by fans. He also ranked 20th in the FIFA Player of the Year (2005) standings.

**Ronaldo was first spotted by former Liverpool F.C manager Gerrard Houllier at the age of 16. However, Liverpool later declined him because he was too young and needed some time to develop into a top footballer